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Hypnotherapy Experts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Specializing in Overcoming the Fear of Flying

We help you overcome:

  • The fear of flying (aviophobia)
  • acrophobia (fear of heights)
  • claustrophobia (fear of closed-in spaces)
  • enocholophobia (fear of crowds)

Each client is treated with an individualized plan using hypnotherapy. Geared towards your specific background, needs and emotions. Take flight with ease in less than a week.

Flying Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Several studies have found that up to 40% of people have a fear of flying.

This fear can vary from mild to severe. However, flying doesn’t have to be scary. We are experts in helping people to overcome their fear of flying in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We use a gentle and natural hypnotherapeutic process to bring you quick results that last a lifetime.

The fear of flight is a series of emotional and physical experiences that can strike panic in anyone. Being in flight gives many people the feeling of being out of control in a small space. The fear of flight is often associated with claustrophobia, anxiety and panic attacks. With hypnotherapy, you can be well on your way to a happy, peaceful flight.

Our expert hypnotherapist Adrian Rusin has been helping people overcome their biggest fears for 20 years. He has developed specialized methods that allow you to fly with ease anywhere you wish to be.

Our fear of flying hypnosis program is not just positive affirmations telling you to feel good flying. We follow specific principles and clinical methods of practice. Our hypnotherapy programs are individualized for each specific client and their unique needs, emotions, and background.

What Makes Our Fear Of Flying Hypnosis Program Different?

Our hypnotherapy program is individualized and created special for each client. After an initial consultation and a few hypnosis sessions you can banish your fear of flying. You also have the option to receive a personalized audio recording created specifically for you to enjoy while flying to your destination. This gives you added relaxation and peace of mind during your flight. You can receive this recording after you have completed your one-on-one sessions with Adrian. You can be prepared for your flight in less than a week.

How Does The Fear Of Flying Hypnosis Program Work?

You begin with a free consultation so you can meet Adrian and have all your questions answered.

From there you set up your first hypnotherapy session. In your session, you discover where your fear of flying originated from. Adrian helps you process any events leading up to your fear. This allows you to release the negative programming associated with your fear from the core. You then receive new positive programming and visualizations created specifically for you. If you choose you can have a special MP3 recording emailed to you to listen while in flight.

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